Monday, 22 July 2024

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Vissarionovich and Vijayan


I am sure our Chief Minister might not know who was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Because Vijayan is not a Russian. The only thing that compares Vijayan with Vissarionovich is the letter 'V' in their names. Is that a big deal?

Sadanandan, my comrade-friend says 'yes, of course!'. Sadanandan read all the communist manifesto publihsed hitherto in Russia and he is supposed to be the 'brain' behind the CPM activism in Kerala. I met Sadanandan as he was alighting from the 'navakerala' luxury bus when the last trip of it came to a sudden end at Vattiyurkavu in Trivandrum.

No one knows Vijayan so well as my friend Sadanandan. Sadanandan is an institution of sorts. He is what LDF is like in Kerala. Sadanandan is an expert braggart. Only 10% is believable in what he says. Opposition leader thinks Sadanandan is a CIA spy. The state unit of BJP thinks there is no one to contest with LDF or UDF when the elections approach. Even they know who my comrade-friend Sadanandan is. They will be too glad to recommend the Center for awarding Sadanandan a "Padmasree" for talking non-sense.

What is the big deal about the letter 'V' in Vijayan and Vissarionovich? I asked Sadanandan.

He asked me whether I know who Vissarionovich is? I said I know only Vijayan and Vasavan, but not this big brother Vissarionovich.

Sadanandan said: "You havn't read the communist history sir."

I said:"I do not reading anything silly, Sadanandan. I only write."

Sadanandan said:"For your information, Iosif Vissarionovich is the original name of Joseph Stalin."

I opened my mouth in awe: "Is it so?"

Sadanandan continued: "Yes, Stalin in Russian means 'made in steel'. This guy added 'Stalin' with his name when he became a revolutionary and joined Bolshevik party, to escape the Tsarist secret police."

"You are amazing Sadanandan" I said. "You know everything about Joseph Stalin. Hats off to you."

Sadanandan added:"Do you know Joseph Stalin robbed about $3.4 million U S dollars worth Roubles from a bank to fund for his causes?"

I said:"I don't think Stalin's calibre is not there in Vijayan. But his family is funded secretly by the rich corporates and the co-operative banks around here. Is that true?"

Sadanandan ignored my question and continued in a low voice:"Our Chief Minister is proud to have a "V' in his name as in Vissarionovich. I only told him he is the Stalin of Kerala."

"What did Vijayan say when you told this to him?"

"These days he can't remember anything, he can't see black color, he can't hear anything and he can't listen to the press either. He just ask the police to take a criminal action on anybody even from the media who is against him or his family."


Sadanandan told me in a whisper:"He thinks he is the 'Stalin of Kerala'. Isn't it a wonderful feeling?"

Before I could say a 'yes' to please Sadanandan, he hurried to his home.