Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why Kochi is the most sought after city to live in Kerala?

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A view of the Kochi Marine Drive from the Kochi marina.

Local News Magazine

As we felt the need for an online presence from Kochi to promotes its local news, happenings and its very cultural and social life through a 'responsive' digital medium we designed Kochi Metro Times as a weekly news magazine.

It's all about local news

"Kochi Metro Times",, may be the first ever 'online-only' English News Weekly from Kochi in India. We provide information about politics, sports, culture, business, health, travel and all related areas of human activity that happens in Kochi.

It's responsive

Unlike any other conventional news media "Kochi Metro Times" can be accessed through your smartphones. We update it regularly to keep you informed of the important happenings in Kochi.

We love to hear from you, so please send us your stories and photos about Kochi. If they are publishable and original we can publish the same here.

Santhosh Kumar.K
Chief Editor

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Mobile Ready

Kochi Metro Times is 'responsive' and can be accessed through your smartphones. We are launching soon Apps on business, jobs and shopping which you can download free from our webite.