Tuesday, 22 August, 2017

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Kochi Metro Times is promoting "smartphone-journalism" using image/video and text format. Since our content are brief, informative and inspiring, it is spread through social media netwroking to actual users like wildfire. There is no better way for you to attract more customers for your product or services.

We promote your business

You can advertise your product or service here for a very nominal cost and forget about reacing your customers. We do the promotional activity for you. We reach nearly all smartphone users in Kochi by stages and thus reach a wider network of readers than any other website could enjoy.

To know how much we charge for an insertion of your Ad of size 600px X 100px for a week, contact us. We accept only horizontal layouts of the ads made in PNG/JPEG or video format. To see how your ad will be looking on a page, see below: