Tuesday, 22 August, 2017

About Us

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We are an online media being published from Kochi in Kerala State. Unlike the conventional internet publications, we focus on promoting interesting and inspiring information in a nutshell form. We believe in the dictum that 'Brevity is the Soul of Wit'.

We do cover everything under the sun, and every subject man knows. We produce snippets, short films, documentaries and image galleries on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Anthropology to Zoology. We do cover many areas of human activity such as Arts, Science, Technology, Environment, Wildlife, Health, Travel, Lifestyles, Culture, Profiles, Community, and Business. All contents publihsed here are thus vigourously condensed and made easily digestable in form to help our viewers get informed, inspired and entertained.

Communication today

We found that internet users do not like reading pages-long- texts on the web. This is more true with those who can access the internet through their smartphones. Mobile users watch videos or images more over reading pages of words on screen. That is the main reason why we prefer presenting information in a distlled form. The new generation spends more than six hours on their mobile phones, watching videos, listening to music and messaging and sharing videos and images each other. Right now there are 220 million mobile phone users in India. India is the second largest market for mobile phones in the world.

Mobile Journalism

We focus on mobile journalism. You can send us videos filmed with your smartphones, handycams or DSLRs to publish here. You can shoot a short video about anything that has a value or information to be shared on a public platform. You can make your own video using your smartphone. Any community functions, family get-togethers, festivals,or just anything you like to show others can be shot. Then just send us your videos. We will take careof the rest. That is how you participate with us.

Your video films can be an eye-opener to the community. Whatever you do try to focus on the human interest value in it. Try not to send us video about dirty politics, adult materials or drug activities. We will review your video before publishing them here. Please read our Privacy policy before contacting us.

Please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before contacting us through your email. Our email is: kochimetrotimes1@gmail.com